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Five Upgrades Millennial Homebuyers Love

Five Upgrades Millennial Homebuyers Love

By Dianne Cassidy

Today’s homebuyer wants more than just a house with a nice exterior. Extras do count. When you’re getting your home ready for sale, think about the day you bought that house: It was exciting! Ohio home sales market trends vary per city, but one constant is that a few carefully selected upgrades will draw millennial buyers into the fold.

1. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is that impression buyers get when they first glance at the home’s exterior. Everything starts here. Is your house surrounded by an overgrown lawn, weeds, worn-out shutters and handrails, and broken driveway asphalt? They all tell the potential customer that fixing up this place would take a lot of time and money. 

Landscaping is an eye-catching way to prevent your potential buyer from ever thinking, “Uh-oh, fixer-upper.” 

Assess the lawn for crabgrass, weeds, dead spots, and pests. Reseed the dead spots with an Ohio-friendly grass variety covering your lawn. Depending on the time of year, that may be the same variety as you have, or a quick grower to “green up” your lawn.

Keep flowerbeds blooming and weed-free. Trim trees and bushes so they don’t block windows. Fencing the backyard is a plus because one of the greatest things about living in a house is having room for a dog to run. Most people in their 30s have at least one dog

An energy-efficient landscape is also a plus. Automatic lights and irrigation with rain sensors for will save time and money and make caring for the lawn hassle-free.

2. Bath

Life is busy. When it comes to fixer-uppers, young people don’t want the hassle, especially for the most used rooms in the house; bathrooms. Install new energy-efficient lighting and fixtures in the bathroom, and consider adding a glass door to the shower. If replacing the sink and cabinetry is out of the question, a decorative mirror and some new fixtures make the room look less lived-in. Remove stained, torn wallpaper. Replace it or paint the area with neutral colors.

3. Kitchen

Formal dining rooms are out of style. Today, the kitchen is more than just a place to cook and eat. It's now a focal point for entertaining. A large kitchen or great room brings people together to eat, gab, watch television, and just hang out. If you can’t knock a wall down, open up as much counter space as possible for cooking. Add a few high stools for eating there, too. A facelift for the kitchen can increase home desire but you’ll want to determine any remodeling’s return on investment before putting plans into action. Still, open floor plans are a big draw for millennials.

4. Power Up!

One of the biggest changes in home sales now involves technology. WiFi capability is a must for connecting to the internet with mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Today’s world is about “smart” gadgets — thermostats, doorbells, light switches, security cameras, window blinds, locks, and so much more. Landline phones are a thing of the past. Be sure the house is wired for the future. The future is now! 

5. Home Office

Working from home is a popular choice these days. Designate a room in the house for a home office; somewhere to pay bills, check emails, play games, interact on social media, write, and video chat. If there aren’t a lot of electrical outlets available, add a power strip to a small table and plug in a couple of gadgets – show buyers your house is tech-ready.

Check out real estate open houses in the neighborhood; they’ll give you an idea of what you need to do to compete in today's marketplace. This is one competition you can easily win. 

Dianne Cassidy stages home renovations for today’s housing market. She enjoys creating computer-generated animation and building three-dimensional models.